Duo Scofano Minetti

Expressiveness, depth, empathy, imagination, and density are some of the first words that come to mind when I think of the Duo Scofano/Minetti. Classically educated in Brazil, pianist and anthropologist Alfredo Minetti approaches music as a powerful means of communication and expression. Listening to his playing, which is not really playing, but the telling of engaging stories using sound as a channel, is both entrancing and transformative. Born in Argentina at the center of the Chamamé culture, Richard Scofano learned to play the bandoneón at home and became a master of the instrument. As a sound chemist, his compositions and his playing are expressive and cathartic. When these two players come together they have the ability to immerse their listeners in a breathtaking realm of sound that is mysterious, dark, and inspirational. Their concentration and ability to anticipate each other’s intention, their timing, dynamic nuances, their balance and coloring, and their rhythmic pulse are nothing short of miraculous. The duo’s artistry and virtuosity are remarkable by any account and this recording is a breakthrough both in the writing accomplished by Scofano as well as in the performance delivered by his bandoneón and Minetti’s piano. We are in the presence of great art.   ~Valeriano Fernandez

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