Alfredo Minetti | Richard Scofano

About Duo Scofano Minetti 

Duo Scofano Minetti (bandoneón and piano) walks the fine line between the classical, the folk, and the popular, presenting a stunning repertory of South American music. The musical identity of the duo results from the merging of two distinct histories and personalities. Scofano’s roots are in Corrientes, Argentina, birthplace of the chamamé, but he is influenced by tango, classical and Brazilian music. Minetti was born in Uruguay, lived in Argentina, and grew up in Brazil, absorbing rich musical traditions that travel seamlessly from the popular to the classical.

Well beyond the profound lyricism and rhythmic diversity of these traditions, it is the intensity of their performances and interpretations, their extraordinary level of musicianship and artistry, and the originality of their compositions that makes the duo so unique. They have been touring extensively since 2014 and have played in China, throughout the United States, Argentina and Brazil.

Duo Scofano Minetti presents a superb repertoire of Argentine Tangos and New Chamamé, with overpowering virtuosity and poignant interpretations. New compositions by bandoneonist Scofano, and classic tango selections arranged by both musicians, are rendered with astonishing power and indescribable beauty. 

Chamamé is a traditional folkloric musical genre from Northeastern Argentina, originally influenced by the traditions of native peoples and Europeans who settled in that region. Scofano’s approach to Chamamé parallels that of composer and bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla to tango. Scofano is actively renewing the possibilities of the genre – hence New Chamamé – through the fusion of classical musical forms and harmonies, as well as influences from other world music.

"On the one hand, in the presence of Richard Scofano’s talent, we feel that we are facing a pure experience, a tango with open veins…since he, with his bandoneón, doesn’t interpret the tango, he interprets the secret codes embedded in tango. Precisely because of that, I claim that Scofano is unique in the world. On the other hand, Alfredo Minetti is a concert pianist who transits with incredible easiness before the complex interpretive pathways of tango."

Prensa Recinto
Universitário de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

O Duo Scofano & Minetti percorre a linha tênue entre o clássico, folclórico, e popular, apresentando um refinado repertório de música sul-americana. A identidade e beleza do duo resultam da fusão de duas personalidades musicais diversas. As raízes de Scofano estão em Corrientes, Argentina, mas ele é fortemente influenciado pela música clássica e pela brasileira. Minetti nasceu no Uruguai, viveu na Argentina e cresceu no Brasil, absorvendo também ricas tradições que vão do popular ao clássico. Com profundo lirismo e rítmica contagiante, o duo se destaca pela originalidade de suas composições e interpretações. 

El Dúo Scofano-Minetti recorre la línea tenue entre lo clásico, folclórico, y popular, presentando un refinado repertorio de música sudamericana. La identidad y belleza del dúo resultan de la fusión de dos personalidades musicales distintas. Las raíces de Scofano se encuentran en Corrientes, Argentina, pero es fuertemente influenciado por las músicas clásica y brasileña. Minetti nació en Uruguay, vivió en Argentina y creció en Brasil, absorbiendo también ricas tradiciones que van del popular al clásico. Con profundo lirismo y rítmica contagiosa el dúo se destaca por la originalidad de sus composiciones e interpretaciones.