Alfredo Minetti

Pianist, Arranger, Artistic Producer, Anthropologist

A native of Uruguay,  Alfredo Minetti moved with his family to Argentina at the age of six and, eventually, moved to Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, he studied classical piano under Ondine de Mello and developed a series of interests around the social and human sciences. He explored many disciplines beyond the performing arts, such as history, philosophy, archaeology and anthropology.

Minetti believes that a complete artist needs a well-rounded education that, ideally, includes the human and social sciences. He earned a PhD in Cultural Anthropology (researching music) at Indiana University, USA. In 2008, he created Minetti Productions, a performing arts company and, in 2010, the Zero Hour Tango Festival. That same year, Minetti partnered with Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo, two of the most important contemporary tango dancers and choreographers. The three established the creative group This is Tango Now as a means to present tango under their philosophy and aesthetics. They produced the show Identidad, which toured extensively; this production was followed by a tango/flamenco adaptation of Bizet’s Carmen named Carmen de Buenos Aires.

Through his record label Dianoia,  Minetti produced and played on Richard Scofano’s CD ESTACIONES and is working on a piano solo album exploring musical traditions from South America.

An accomplished pianist, Minetti has performed in Brazil, Argentina, Europe, China, Canada, and the United States, and, at the moment, is working on the research for a book on musical interpretation.

We are in the presence of great art.  
Valeriano Fernandez  

Alfredo Minetti is a concert pianist who transits with incredible easiness before the complex interpretive pathways of tango.
Prensa Recinto Universitário de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico