Masterclasses | Workshops

Duo Scofano Minetti offers masterclasses on three main topics (titles and length vary): 

     Stylistic aspects of the chamamé; 

     Stylistic aspects of the tango; 

     The communication of complex emotions through music performance
     (targeted especially at classically trained musicians). 

We give masterclasses on each one of those three topics, and sometimes we combine components of one topic into the other. Our target audiences are professional and amateur musicians, music students, ethnomusicologists, and a wide spectrum of music lovers. 

On a masterclass of one day (for example), we like to work in two blocks of three hours for a total of 6 hours of masterclass, divided as follows: three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon, with 15-minute intervals in the two first hours of each block. We select and send musical scores to the organizers, in advance, according to the level and interest of the students. Within a day, and 6 hours, we plan on working with 10–12 students, in case of individual performers, and this changes if we need to teach small chamber ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, and so on). 

The aim of our masterclass is for the enrolled students and the audiences to walk out with an enhanced understanding of stylistic aspects of the music genres that we address and with embodied knowledge of what it takes to communicate complex emotions in their musical performances.