The remarkable CD Estaciones by the Duo Scofano/Minetti reveals a world of images, colors and smells that transports the listener to Northeast Argentina and its unique cultural traditions. It is clear that the traditional Chamamé pulsates inside the veins of the new chamber-music composed by Scofano and masterfully played by Minetti and Scofano. Both artists embody, by birth or acculturation, the cultures of Corrientes as well as the surrounding cultures of Brazil and Uruguay. This is an outstanding work and a fascinating window into culture changing before our eyes and ears.  
Beatriz Dujovne, Ph.D. - Author of  ‘In Strangers’ Arms: The Magic of the Tango'

A “new season” – this was the sensation that I felt when I saw, for the first time, a live performance of the Duo Scofano/Minetti. In between hypnotized and infatuated by the sounds in that stage, I witnessed the quasi-orphic celebration of the perfect partnership between Alfredo & Richard; piano & bandoneón; tango & chamamé! Corrientes, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Campos!!! I got drunk, as Baudelaire suggests, on music! Right there, without constraints. I wish a long life to this duo, under the loving blessings of Apollo! 
Edinalda Maria Almeida da Silva (Writer, Art Critic, Professor, Member of the Academia Campista de Letras)

​To hear the Duo Scofano/Minetti is not an ephemeral experience…it is one that leaves an everlasting mark in our hearts, in our memories, and in our souls!  
Cristiano Campos Simões  - Brazilian Producer

Being Argentinian I can assure that hearing Richard Scofano, outstanding bandoneonist excelling in his interpretations of Argentinian popular music together with Alfredo Minetti, extraordinary pianist, has been a heart-touching wonderful and unique experience; a perfect duo.
Ernesto Bitetti , Guitar Department Chair
Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University 

Expressiveness, depth, empathy, imagination, and density are some of the first words that come to mind when I think of the Duo Scofano/Minetti. Classically educated in Brazil, pianist and anthropologist Alfredo Minetti approaches music as a powerful means of communication and expression. Listening to his playing, which is not really playing, but the telling of engaging stories using sound as a channel, is both entrancing and transformative. Born in Argentina at the center of the Chamamé culture, Richard Scofano learned to play the bandoneón at home and became a master of the instrument. As a sound chemist, his compositions and his playing are expressive and cathartic. When these two players come together they have the ability to immerse their listeners in a breathtaking realm of sound that is mysterious, dark, and inspirational. Their concentration and ability to anticipate each other’s intention, their timing, dynamic nuances, their balance and coloring, and their rhythmic pulse are nothing short of miraculous. The duo’s artistry and virtuosity are remarkable by any account and this recording is a breakthrough both in the writing accomplished by Scofano as well as in the performance delivered by his bandoneón and Minetti’s piano. We are in the presence of great art.   
Valeriano Fernandez

On the one hand, in the presence of Richard Scofano’s talent, we feel that we are facing a pure experience, a tango with open veins…since he, with his bandoneón, doesn’t interpret the tango, he interprets the secret codes embedded in tango. Precisely because of that, I claim that Scofano is unique in the world. On the other hand, Alfredo Minetti is a concert pianist who transits with incredible ease before the complex interpretive pathways of tango. 
Prensa Recinto -Universitário de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico