Perugia, Italy: October 3-7, 2019

Argentine Tango and
New Chamamé

A residential workshop with Richard Scofano and Alfredo Minetti

Being Argentinian I can assure that hearing Richard Scofano, outstanding bandoneonist, excelling in his interpretations of Argentinian popular music together with Alfredo Minetti, extraordinary pianist, has been a heart-touching, wonderful and unique experience; a perfect duo. 
Ernesto Bitetti , Guitar Department Chair 
Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

The ways of argentine tango and chamamé

for instrumentalists and singers

An exploration
in style and performance

Duo Scofano Minetti Workshop in Perugia
October 3-7, 2019 | About the location
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This workshop is designed for instrumentalists and singers interested  in furthering their performance skills  and sensibilities.  We will accomplish this through an exploration of the ways of Argentine tango and chamamé.

The music of Argentina is incredibly rich and diverse.  Composers and interpreters like Alberto Ginastera, Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Lalo Schifrin, Ariel Ramirez, Mercedes Sosa, and Martha Argerich, just to name a few, have been cultural ambassadors of Argentine throughout the world from the beginning of the 20th century.  

In our time together, we will explore aspects of this vast musical legacy with a strong emphasis on performance and communication. In 2009 tango was added to UNESCO’s intangible heritage list, and the same is about to happen with the chamamé. We will concentrate on stylistic and performative aspects of those two genres.

Participants will receive a list of the repertoire (scores, lyrics, and recordings) that we will work with during the workshop. We will use this set of pieces to discuss history and tradition, and to address style, technique, interpretation, and, ultimately, performance. All participants should take the time to familiarize themselves with all the pieces selected for the workshop. 

The workshop will open with an introduction to the concept of Duende – a concept brought to Argentina by the Spanish and that is present in all its music – as a means to understand the depth and intensity necessary to perform such music.

Schedule Overview

Arrival 3:00 pm or after. Ground transportation provided from Perugia. Dinner at 7:00 PM.   After dinner:  An Introduction the concept of Duende and its relationship with tango and chamamé.

Breakfast followed by morning workshops, lunch, afternoon workshop sessions and dinner.  A short concert performed by Alfredo and Richard will be offered after dinner. 

Division of groups according to the instruments/vocalists present and selection of the repertoire.  We expect to organize between 4 – 6 groups. There will be enough repertoire for all to perform a public concert on Sunday evening.   Alfredo and Richard will spend the rest of the day instructing each group on stylistic aspects of tango and chamamé and on roles for the different instruments within any given ensemble.   

Breakfast followed by morning workshops, lunch, afternoon workshop sessions and dinner.  Evening rehearsal time as desired by participants. First half of the day we will continue the instruction on style and technique of the selected repertory.   

Second half of the day the attention will be focused more on performance – how to deliver an organic and convincing performance incorporating the lessons you’ve mastered so far.   

Breakfast followed by morning workshops, lunch, afternoon workshop sessions/concert preparation and dinner.  We will continue to increase our understanding of style and performance and work towards the dynamics of the evening public performance.  After dinner: Culminating concert on location. Participants share an evening with Richard and Alfredo, open to the public. 

Breakfast followed by morning departure.
Ground transportation provided to Perugia.

We are facing a pure experience, a tango with open veins… since Scofano, with his bandoneón, doesn’t interpret the tango, he interprets the secret codes embedded in tango... he is unique in the world. On the other hand, Alfredo Minetti is a concert pianist who transits with incredible easiness before the complex interpretive pathways of tango. ”